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Batman descended on an unsuspecting 1960’s TV audience like a pop-culture bomb. The show sparked a frenzy, a mania, a Bat-mania, an irrational need for anything Batman related. And a pop-culture icon forged in the 1930’s was reborn for a new generation.

In the sixties, many product makers responded to these consumer cravings by repackaging their tired and ho-hum products and reinvented them with Batman-infused package designs. This dynamic and disruptive packaging artwork was crudely redrawn and featured deeply saturated comic book colors. This Batman merchandise was such a strong visual stimulant — it eventually drove me into graphic design as an adult.

As an adult, I wanted to experience the entirety of the 1960’s Bat-mania kaleidoscope – the absurd, the iconic, the cool.  So this blog is a collection of all the wonderful novelties, toys, packaging, and other Batman ephemera I’ve been able to find.  A few of these Batman collectibles are from my personal collection, some have been photographed as part of my personal catch-and-release program, many are just spotted from around the web.



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